Q: What is CopyCapit?
A: Helps you get alcohol into venues where factory seal water bottles are welcome. CopyCapit is an authentic reproduction cap that copies every detail of the original in appearance and performance to factory seal water bottles. Venues that allow water bottles like concerts, festivals, stadium football or baseball games and cruise lines allow customers to bring factory sealed water bottles. Once the water bottle is open the original seal is broken. To reseal the water bottles with alcohol just open the bottle empty the water fill with your favorite clear beverage to the original fill line and screw CopyCapit on the water bottle and your are ready to party at your event, saving your wallet from high concession pricing. It’s that easy and affordable.

Q: How do I know if my venue allow factory seal water bottles?
Check the venue website under policy guidelines and they will announce if they allow factory seal water bottles. Most outdoor venues allow one factory sealed water botttle per person. So why not use CopyCapit to factory seal your water bottle with spirit. If you have a question about your veues policy we will be happy to do your research. Email us: info@copycapit.com.

Q: Can CopyCapit be used many times?
A: CopyCapit is a one time consumable to authentically reseal a water bottle though can be used multiple times to re-close and open on water bottles ensuring a leak-proof closure.

Q: How is CopyCapit applied?
A: View instruction displayed on How to Use

Q: The best bottle fit to CopyCapit?
A: CopyCapit fits the Aquafina (50% less plastic Eco-Fina) water bottles.

Q: When and how will my order be shipped?
A: All orders are shipped via USPS First Class Priority immediately after payment authorization.