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Save and bring your own water bottle to sneak alcohol into your next event.

Bring a water bottle caps into concerts, festival, and sporting events and bring your own alcohol.Most concert venues, sporting events, and festivals are happy to sell you an overpriced bottle of wate... <Read more>
Cheap Drinks at Stadiums

Opening Day for Major League Baseball is approaching so it s time to stock up on CopyCapit. Get Ready, spring is around the corner! Carry your CopyCapit sealed water bottle filled with spirits into th... <Read more>
Take Alcohol Past Security

It s that time of the year once again. Spring is almost here which only means one thing festivals! Take alcohol past security. With the price of everything increasing this year, throwing your hard e... <Read more>
Skinny Crushing Drink in a Water Bottle

Skinny Crushing Drink in a Water Bottle Make a water bottle factory sealed again to take your alcohol to your next venue. Recipe for Flavor Crush Drink Here is the skinny on a crushing drink in a wa... <Read more>
Money Saving Drinking Accessory

CopyCapit is the ultimate money saving drinking accessory for anyone who has paid more than $10 for a drink in just one sporting event, concert, festivals or night out at the bars. Compare $10 a drink... <Read more>